We are extremely proud to be the Fastest growing health care exchange. Providing health care plans for all 50 States.

So let’s take a closer look at the Health Insurance Exchange rules set forth in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA creates state-based Health Insurance Exchanges administered by a governmental agency or non-profit organization, through which individuals and small businesses with up to 100 employees can purchase qualified coverage. In 2014 and beyond most Americans who work for small businesses or obtain their coverage in the individual health insurance market will do so through health insurance exchanges

ACA-MarketPlace.com is a privately Owned and operated website. Design by a team of IT Consultants for the sole purpose of providing an Internet Marketplace, or Navigator web site. This website is designed to offer and assist individuals, and small business to Plan for and purchase Health care, in compliance with the Affordable care Act.

•ACA-MarketPlace has partnered with State and National Health insurance companies providing Cost Comparison, Coverage for Individuals, and Small Business (under 50 Employees).

•ACA-MarketPlace has partnered with State Medicaid agency’s to assist in the application process for the Expanded Medicaid Benefits established in the patient protection and affordable care act (PPACA).

A significant benefit of the health insurance exchanges is to make it easy for you to purchase and enroll in a health plan or provide health coverage for your employees.